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Apple tree

Our brand values

Naturalness & sustainability, design, and transparency.


Our products are 100 % natural and clean and produced with our partner in the south of Germany calles "Schwäbische Alb". Our main product is the apple fruit water which is THE unknown local superfood for the skin.

In all company processes, we want the highest possible sustainable standard:

  • That's why we only work with suppliers and partners from Germany or Europe to keep transport distances as low as possible

  • That's why we avoid plastic wherever possible and use recyclable glass bottles

  • That's why we wrap our packages with recyclable paper and consciously avoid repackaging

  • We give you step-by-step recycling or upcycling tips with our products 


Since we are in the beginning, not all possibilities are open to us yet. But we are working on adapting all our processes and materials to our values and have the promise to develop and get better every day.



From the beginning, it was clear to us that we wanted to develop products that are not only 100 % natural but also meet the highest design standards.



The beauty industry is still very non-transparent. We want to build transparency and give you insights into processes, ingredients as well as suppliers, and partnerships.


About the founder

Malou Rosalie Deuber

Once upon a time, there was a girl... at an early age, the girl was very into mindfulness, energy, and nature thanks to her spiritual grandmother. The girl grew up in a female household with a mother who is a makeup artist and knows all about the power of cosmetics and makeup. The girl starts to put makeup on herself early, but at that time not to her advantage, because she cannot cover her bad skin and is always teased for it. The girl is lucky and after puberty, her skin develops very well. The memories of what it means not to feel comfortable in one's skin remain. After the girl studied marketing and was allowed to work for many wonderful beauty brands, she fulfilled her desire to develop her own cosmetics brand. Mindfulness and the love of nature are the foundation of everything. 


Our founder Malou Rosalie Deuber has been in the beauty industry since 2016. Her professional journey began 7 years ago when she started working for beauty brands. The hectic modern life took her further and further away from what was actually good for her and what she already enjoyed as a child: the connection with nature; the primal, which lets you relax and let go. Malou became more and more intensely involved with the topics of mindfulness, self-efficacy, resolution, and healing.


She now wants to bring this very old knowledge back into people's consciousness and everyday life with Curatif Beauty. With the right support, we can reconnect with the healing forces of nature and ourselves.

Malou Rosalie Deuber

"I want to help people reconnect with the healing power of nature".

The founder Malou Rosalie Deuber

Our design

Our floral design is unique and handmade from the artist Lionelson which shows the individual healing flowers within

the products.

Our partner

  • Factory of our products on the south of Germany called "schwäbische Alb"

  • glass bottle Partner from Bavaria

  • Recyclable packaging materials from Poland

  • Printing bottle labels from Mannheim

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